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Private Yoga Lessons—Why I Should Invest in My Yoga Practice

The Yoga practice—postures, regulation of the breath, and meditation—was traditionally taught by the teacher instructing each student individually. Practices were tailored to fit not only the physical needs of the student, but the emotional, psychological, and spiritual needs as well. The teacher provided the necessary guidance over a period of months, and even years, for the student to achieve the optimal benefits of the practice on all levels of being.

The group classes that we experience today are a modern iteration of Yoga’s ancient practices. There is no doubt that group classes create an energetic atmosphere of well-being and relaxation. They also promote a deeper sense of community and, at the same time, make the practice affordable to today’s Yoga student. Yet, the one-on-one experience of a private Yoga session offers something that a Yoga class cannot—personalized guidance that makes your Yoga practice flourish.

At various times, the Yoga student—both the brand-new beginner and a more-advanced student—can feel overwhelmed in a class setting. A beginning Yogi may feel intimidated and uncomfortable in a class full of others, moving his body into unfamiliar positions. The experienced Yogi may feel frustrated with a reoccurring and difficult-to-heal injury, or she may feel uncertain of how to take her practice to a deeper level. Private Yoga lessons allow the student to set individual goals and the teacher to help the student achieve those goals—whether it’s learning how to get into a posture, how to work with an injury, or how to best quiet the mind.

So, what are some of the benefits of private Yoga lessons? Some benefits are fairly obvious—with the help of a qualified teacher, the beginner learns to adapt the postures to the particular needs of the body and, thereby, gains confidence in himself and his body. The injured Yogi is helped to heal through modifying not only the physical posture, but the mental fluctuations surrounding the injury, as well, thereby reducing mental and physical stress. Other health issues—such as fibromyalgia or back pain—that may make a group class difficult can also be addressed directly through one-on-one Yoga sessions with positive results.

Other benefits are not so obvious. Yet, by reducing stress, enhancing mental acuity, and initiating deep healing within the body, a personalized Yoga practice brings expanded degrees of awareness and newfound freedom to the student. Within this spaciousness, the student is free to develop a deeper, more intimate relationship to herself and transforms on all levels of being—Body, Breath, Mind, Soul.

Yoga is a tool for transformation... Are you ready to go deeper?

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