Rebecca Polack, Ph.D. Yoga Teacher Yoga Scholar Speaker

My fascination with YOGA comes from my own experience with its rich and rewarding practices. I initially started practicing YOGA in 1987 to overcome intense back pain from a devastating car accident. As I witnessed my body grow increasingly stronger and my mind become more resilient and peaceful from the practices, I realized that YOGA was an integral part of my healing journey—my own journey back to a sense of WHOLENESS…

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My Fascination with Yoga...

Basic Yoga Class on Zoom

Rebecca's TUESDAY Yoga Classes on Zoom

6:00pm-6:45pm PST

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Rebecca‘s online yoga class is great for my mental and physical well-being. I have taken other online yoga classes and Rebecca‘s is easier to follow than most. She provides excellent verbal cues which limits the need to watch the screen. Her easy-going manner and humor make class a pleasure.

Kathy, Qualitative Analytis Specialist, age 58

Join Rebecca on Tuesdays to stretch the body, tone the nervous system, and breathe more deeply. Hop on 5 minutes early and join others in a wind-down-from-the-day-to prepare-for-the-class breathing meditation.


Private Yoga Sessions

Rebecca works one-on-one with students looking to deepen their practice in private—often working with beginners, people recovering from injuries, and those with special needs, such as back pain.

“I did not understand the power of yoga, until I had consistent private yoga sessions with Rebecca. She not only adjusts my body in each pose, but also explains the reasoning and personal benefit behind each custom position. The overall effect is that I feel supported and nurtured! My hip and back pain has significantly diminished and my knee pain has completely disappeared. I totally enjoy the ease with which I now move throughout the day!”

—Margaret, Business Entrepreneur, 62

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Yoga Sūtras Coloring Book Series

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The Yoga Sūtras of Patañjali Coloring Books Series is the first product line of Blū Lotus Publications. This Coloring Book Series uses the meditative practice of coloring to uncover a more intimate understanding of Patañjali's timeless text. 


The mantra of Blū Lotus Publications is that wisdom unfolds from play. The products of Blū Lotus encourage playful self-understanding and spirited self-discovery. These products draw on the timeless traditions of Yoga and Meditation to engage people in new and lively ways that calms the mind, relieves stress and anxiety, enhances overall wellbeing, and leads to deeper levels of self-transformation.