“I feel so lucky to have Rebecca teaching at my office once a week! She's super knowledgeable and puts together sequences that leave my body and mind feeling at ease by the end of class. She does a great job crafting classes to meet the specific needs of her students. I also appreciate the sense of playfulness she brings to the practice. Fantastic teacher!" —Sarah, Media Consultant, age 32


"For many folks, including myself, yoga can be awkward, but Rebecca makes the practice fun and inviting through her brand of humor, sass, and yogi knowledge. You can tell she enjoys what she is doing and before I knew it, I did too (except when she pushed us to hold a pose longer than expected). It all pays off in the end though, as I've experienced improved mobility, reduced stress, increased physical awareness and stillness of mind that deepens with each class I attend." —Todd, Graphic Designer and Visual Artist, age 39


“Rebecca’s commitment to excellence has inspired me to continue my yoga practice… San Francisco has many gems, and she is among them!” —Verna, Fiduciary, age 61


"I am 71 years old and have been receiving yoga instruction from Rebecca for nearly seven years. Initially, I was pessimistic about doing much at my age, but I have been continually amazed at what Rebecca enables me to accomplish. Her good humor and extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology makes her yoga instruction enjoyable—and far more effective—than I could have ever hoped for. Now with more control of both my mind and my body, I am healthier and feel better that I did twenty years ago." —Kay, Retired Juvenile Court Counselor Supervisor, age 71


"Years ago I would have said 'I don't like Yoga.' But now I look forward to going to yoga, and feel cheated when I miss Rebecca's class." —Mindy, Program Manager, age 55


“I began taking yoga regularly—something I’ve always wanted to do but never found time to do—when I retired from active employment in January 2014. Rebecca has been my instructor ever since. Her classes are totally enjoyable because she is full of good humor, is entertainingly communicative, and is very respectful. Rebecca gives clear instructions and recognizes that each body is different; thus, she thinks of alternative positions we could take to achieve pretty much the same result. She walks around the class and makes adjustments to our bodies so that we could sense how the positions should feel. In late 2015, I began taking weekly private instruction from her—her knowledge of body alignment, neuro-plasticity, and yoga moves have helped lessen the chronic pains that have plagued me. I always feel better after a class with her. She is an awesome, cheerful teacher; and I highly recommend her." —Mabel, Retired Consultant, age 62


“I love taking classes with Rebecca! I feel so much better at the end of each class—my stress level has decreased, my physical body is completely relaxed & I feel the weight of life lighten! She makes the practice both fun and challenging.” —Patricia, Registered Nurse, age 37

"Rebecca is GRRREAT for the heart and soul. She has a gift of being able to ‘detail’ out the poses, and I am always learning something new! Besides all the physical, mental, and emotional benefits received from our teacher, Rebecca—she is FUNNY, and makes us LAUGH OUT LOUD! Cheers to Rebecca!”  —Cee Cee, Event Planner, age 59


"Rebecca's one-of-a-kind yoga style combines different yoga techniques, and each class is different. You're never bored in her class, because she is such a creative instructor with a lovely sense of humor. When I first started her class, I wasn't even able to touch my toes, and now I am able to do forearm stands, full wheel, and other more advance poses!" —Grace, Clothing Designer, age 29


“Rebecca shares her depth of knowledge in an easy manner, yet always with a focused commitment to improving her students’ health and well-being. With her light-hearted approach and unwavering encouragement, Rebecca has continued to inspire me in my own practice, and I have subsequently acquired much more skeletal flexibility, equilibrium, and muscle strength through regular yoga practice with her. Rebecca always provides personalized instruction in the correct yoga postures with adjustments to each individual’s needs and physical limitations—which is not always true with other yoga teachers, as I have discovered. I also like the way that Rebecca reminds me to focus on my breath in the various asanas. I find this attention to the breath essential to my yoga practice, and at the same time, feel that it is useful for clearing the mind, accessing stability, and acting with determination in other areas of my life.” 

—Carol, Retired Nurse, age 71


“Rebecca is very knowledgeable, always professional and always friendly. She encourages her students to reach their individual potential in a calm, focused, and supportive environment. Stress reduction, increased flexibility, and improved focus are some of the benefits that I have received from Rebecca's training. I look forward to her class each week!” —Chris, Controller, age 58


"I started taking yoga at the recommendation of my orthopedic surgeon about 2 years ago. Since then I have been taking yoga classes with Rebecca and it has really benefited me! She has a very compelling teaching style. She is a highly-educated professional in her field with a deep knowledge in all aspects of yoga—the mind, the body, and the breath. She is very supportive and encourages her students to try new things and to see what happens, but at the same time she is respectful of everyone's limitations. Rebecca has a warm and engaging teaching style, which her vast knowledge and personality make her uniquely qualified for. The classes are very varied and always feel different to me. I learn something new in every class. Somehow she always finds time to personally assist everyone with their poses. And her sense of humor is very refreshing, which also makes her classes very enjoyable. I have utmost respect for Rebecca's rich yoga knowledge and teaching abilities, and I feel very fortunate to have her as my yoga teacher. I highly recommend Rebecca to anyone who is interested in beginning or continuing their yoga practice. She's a wonderful teacher."

—Joseph, Financial Controller, age 56


"Rebecca is a very hands-on teacher, gently guiding me as well as supporting me with problem areas, as needed—all with a heart-warming humor. I do notice and feel significant changes in my strength and flexibility with her teaching. I plan to continue practice with Rebecca for as long as possible." —May H., Medical Interpreter, age 69

“I began studying with Rebecca seven years ago with no prior knowledge of, nor experience with, yoga. During these past nine years with Rebecca, my yoga practice has become increasingly strong and rich. In addition to her mastery of the principles of yoga, I have complete confidence in her knowledge of anatomy and physiology. In fact, when I developed a frozen shoulder, she diagnosed it before my physician did and worked with me so that I was gradually able to regain my range of motion. I also appreciate Rebecca's scholarly background as evidenced by her familiarity with Sanskrit and her extensive knowledge of all things related to yoga practice and history. Once, having read about a newly published biography of the renowned yoga teacher, Indra Devi, I began our session by telling her about it. Not only had she already read it, but she had reviewed the book for a scholarly journal! Undeniably, Rebecca is a natural teacher—learned, patient and humorous—who 'walks the talk' of yoga practice with introspection, compassion, and mindfulness."

—Owen, Medical Librarian, age 46


“Rebecca’s way of teaching yoga clears my psyche of the emotional weights I walk into class feeling. She has

a way of infusing a lightness and humor into her teaching without sacrificing a bit of the seriousness of focus

on the practice. I thought I’d never find anyone who could hold a candle to my very first yoga teacher, but

luckily for me Rebecca has proved me wrong—she’s stellar in every way and I treasure her class enormously. I signed up for the physical health benefits, and have gotten way more than that each and every week!” 

—Arla, Social Worker, age 54

“I've been taking yoga classes with Rebecca since 2009 and have found her to be a really great teacher. She's extremely knowledgeable and experienced and has many times introduced new ways of transitioning from one pose to another that have let me advance through challenges I was not able to before. Rebecca has also studied deeply not just about the physical aspects of yoga but the history and spiritual side, which adds depth to the learning for me. Finally, she has a great sense of humor which always helps me to stay relaxed and not get frustrated with the learning process.” 

—Heatherose, Medical Consultant, age 36