“Yoga is that Art and Science which is calculated to ensure for the individual

Perfect Health for the Body, Infinite Happiness for the Mind and Perfect Spiritual Development for the Soul. Thus, Yoga is a Science which leads to Physical, Mental and Spiritual Perfection and is a code of Physio-psychological Discipline based upon Principles that are thoroughly Rational.”

- Swami Kuvalayananda -

The Art of Teaching & Speaking about Yoga

Private Yoga Instruction

Rebecca teaches Yoga one-on-one with students looking to deepen their practice in private—often working with beginners, people recovering from injuries, and those with special needs, such as back pain.

Corporate Yoga

Rebecca conducts Yoga classes for corporate clients looking to boost wellness and productivity in the workplace. Some of Rebecca's Corporate clients include: Kaiser Permanente, Gymboree, the California Institute of Integral Studies, and Pfizer, among others.

Speaking Engagements

Rebecca teaches and speaks about the tradition and history of Yoga, especially on Modern Yoga, as well as on the health benefits and current scientific research of Yoga.

"The content of Dr. Polack’s talk was so thorough and comprehensive regarding the history of Modern Yoga that the audience gained a very solid understanding of the growth and development of practice in India and world-wide. I personally admired how Dr. Polack was able to field questions and comments from the audience with ease, and at the same time, demonstrate a solid command of the subject—both the historical flavor and the important personalities who contributed to the validation of Yoga in modern times."  —Sandy Kepler, Cultural Integration Fellowship

“I didn’t understood the power of yoga, until I had consistent private yoga sessions with Rebecca. She not only adjusts my body in each pose, but also explains the reasoning and personal benefit behind each custom position. The overall effect is that I feel supported and nurtured! My hip and back pain has significantly diminished and my knee pain has completely disappeared. I totally enjoy the ease with which I now move throughout the day!” —Margaret, Life Coach, 59

“Rebecca is AMAZING! We have the privilege of having her come to our office every Tuesday and it is by far the best lunch break one could ask for! Her teaching style is accessible to all levels. She gently guides you to be completely aware of all sensations when practicing—encouraging everyone to do a little more, go a little deeper, and remain present. During a long and stressful day of work, I find her practice extremely rewarding as it offers me the possibility of being mindful of everything and yet not consumed by any one feeling or emotion.” —Patrick, Controller, age 35