Discover a Yoga Practice Tailored to Your Personal Goals:

4 Private Yoga Sessions with Rebecca Polack for $340*

During your Personalized Yoga Sessions with me, you will be shown how to adapt the practice and postures to fit your body’s needs and, at the same time, receive the necessary guidance to help you meet your specific health goals.


Yoga is a tool for transformation and vibrant health! I invite you to give yourself the gift of transforming your life in a positive way—feel better, more relaxed, and flexible!


To sign up, or if you have questions, please email me at <>.


*Limited to folks in San Francisco. Offer ends January 31, 2020.

“Rebecca bases her approach on a holistic consideration of each individual's needs—whether your goal is to alleviate back pain or deepen your practice, Rebecca is able to craft a workout that helps you get to your goals.” 

—K, Artistic Director, age 47


“I began taking weekly private instruction with Rebecca almost two years ago—her knowledge of body alignment, neuro-plasticity, and yoga moves have helped lessen the chronic pains that have plagued me. I always feel better after a class with her. She is an awesome, cheerful teacher; and I highly recommend her." 

—M, Consultant, age 62


“Rebecca not only adjusts my body in each pose, but also explains the benefit behind each custom position. The overall effect is that I feel supported and nurtured! My hip pain has significantly diminished and my knee pain has completely disappeared. I totally enjoy the ease with which I now move throughout the day!”

—M, Business Advisor, 59